From 10th May


This May, MAKERS 2 makes its way into CASELLI 11–12’s monumental interiors as the second episode of MAKERS, a series of exhibitions dedicated to contemporary design inaugurated last December by the gallery.

With the same hands-on, three dimensional approach to design that characterizes the series, MAKERS 2 carves out its own territory in the field that unites furniture and sculpture-making, igniting new connections between traditional and non-traditional materialities.

39 international designers, architects and artists explore novel takes on the concept of creation, focusing on historical materials like ceramics, glass, stone and metal, juxtaposing them with hybrid techniques including milk, eggs, paper, cement and wax.

The exhibition researches the themes of fragility and strength in furniture and sculpture, where realism and abstractions share the same rooms.

Curiosity and doubt tickle the visitors’ mind as some materials are used in disguise and with a trompe l’oeil effect, altering the perceptive memory we have of familiar objects and matter. What we expect to be fragile is in fact strong, and what we think it’s soft, it’s hard.

The heterogenous approaches showcased will defeat the boundaries of each medium, inviting us to reconsider our perceptions of furniture and sculpture.

Photography: Piercarlo Quecchia, DSL Studio