A unique light show

The internationally renowned lighting manufacturer Ingo Maurer returns with an extraordinary presence to downtown Milan. Ingo Maurer presents his passionate creativity and an impressive light installation in a prestigious and unexpected new location on the occasion of Euroluce 2023. The poetic brand will delight the public with a fascinating open-air light installation at Porta Nuova, Caselli 1112, in Piazzale Principessa Clotilde, while new products are presented in the buildings of the old city gate.

“We’re back in full force. Now is the time to deploy all of our resources.”
Axel Schmid, Ingo Maurer Design Team


Light art at Milan Design Week
The installation creates an impressive symbiosis of (light) art and architecture. This demonstrates the ability of Ingo Maurer to playfully switch between traditional lighting concepts and experimental, innovative staging. Following the long tradition of urban lighting concepts in Milan, the latest installation in the city offers a taste of the versatile range of Ingo Maurer’s light art.


Floating Reflection – the installation
The Porta Nuova, a large archway with small adjacent buildings is on its own island. Through the arch stretches a “carpet” about 30 meters long, painted in striking fluorescent colours. Above it rises a surface of reflective material, supported by a rope structure that hovers above the ground. The surface absorbs the colours and light of its surroundings and reflects its own interpretation of them. The effect is that not only the carpet but also the top has been covered in colour. The folds of the material, its own movement, and thermal variations intensify this effect, creating a unique atmosphere. The installation not only offers a radiant play of colours during the day but also enchants with an intense night-time effect through targeted illumination of the floor.


Porta Nuova by Ingo Maurer – a creative island
In a total of seven rooms in the two buildings, Ingo Maurer presents the new products in the portfolio. The Ingo Maurer team transforms the spacious outdoor area into a spectacular setting that will captivate visitors to Fuorisalone and creates a place to linger, reflect, but also a place for dialogue and discussion in a stimulating light ambience.