FIREPRINTS COLLECTION, metal that shapes light

Gianmarco Guarascio is an Italian designer who presented his Fireprints Collection at Makers 2 at Caselli 11-12, Milan – open until 30 June. It’s a collection made up of four models of lamps (or rather light projectors) which encompass the entire educational path and thinking of the designer.

After nine years of experience as a plumbing and heating installer for the family business, in which he comes into contact with metallic materials – such as copper – and various manufacturing processes, Gianmarco discovers the desire to design and create: he decides to attend a Bachelor’s degree in Habitat Design at Quasar Institute, Rome, where he meets and begins collaborating with Alessandro Gorla, founder of Studio Algoritmo. Then, he continues his journey with the Master in Product Design & Made in Italy which allows him to get even closer to production with collaborations with Italian companies such as Very Simple Kitchen, Delta Light, KeepLife – previously on WeVux. The theme of the light is deepened thanks to the collaboration with Neeo Design, founded by Marco Corsi and Emanuele Lanzi, a laboratory that produces lighting products with flexible LED neon.

Fireprints collection condenses Gianmarco’s experience of these years: four projectors that exploit metal workings to create a decorative effect thanks to the use of light.

Suspended Lamp

Each model of the Fireprints collection is completely handmade – excluding the electronic components – and has its own characteristic: the floor and table projector have a solid concrete base that gives stability to the piece and the structure ends with a processed copper disc that reflects light and can be directed to investigate its effect in space. The other models, suspended with one and two light points respectively, exploit the very structure of the copper tube to create a soft luminous decoration, in contrast with the tension of the product. Welds, burns and brazing take shape and are amplified by the light source.