Caselli 11-12 curates a dialogue between furniture and sculpture with ‘Makers 2’

The Milanese gallery invites 39 international creatives to present novel interpretations of creation through designs dabbling with conventional and unconventional materialities.

What is furniture, if not an ergonomic exploration of materiality, a carefully crafted augmentation of the user, an eloquent sculpture rendered with functionality, or perhaps, all of that in tandem? Deemed as a derivative of function and pragmatism, furniture designs often, or at least in common perceptions, tend to gravitate towards simple and clean forms catering to a predefined purpose. However, contemporary makers are increasingly approaching furniture inquisitively. As opposed to retracing traditional processes and materialities, they question— Is there a window for artistic commentary in the utilitarian? Through experimentation in silhouettes and materials, product and furniture designers reinterpret the semantics of furniture—reiterating how the ever-expanding sphere has unfathomable possibilities to offer.


n 2022, an old toll house in MilanItaly, that flanked a monumental city gate, was transformed into an exhibition space for design gallery