CASELLI 11–12 is a gallery where art, design, architecture and photography converge to explore new possibilities of interaction with Milan’s historical identity and socio-cultural fabric. Through an interdisciplinary program of partnerships and research-based projects, CASELLI 11–12 hosts collaborations with national and international design firms, and promotes emerging and established practices spanning digital and traditional media.


As a gallery for research and experimentation, CASELLI 11–12 is an extension of OLTREFRONTIERA PROGETTI, a design and architecture studio operating in the retail and visual sector since 1993. Leading a process of conservative renovation of the building’s exteriors and interiors, the project tackles the specificities of the architectural and urban context of Porta Nuova and Piazzale Principessa Clotilde, establishing a generative relationship between local and global communities to cultivate transversal connections and encourage critical dialogue.

Photography: Agnese Bedini, DSL Studio

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