Acid Industrial is the first-ever solo show by Balzer Balzer. The studio gives shape to everyday objects through the use of found materials and industrial gear: with a bold, conceptual take on production, Balzer Balzer transcends the rational boundaries of design, exposing all that qualifies as process to enact the fantasy of a never-ending rave.


Balzer Balzer is Berlin-based design studio founded by Yanik, Moritz and Nils Balzer. Their work has been exhibited internationally, including at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg (2020-21); Collectible Fair, Brussels (2022); Off Shop, Pittlerwerke, Leipzig (2021); ∄, Kyiv (2020), and Redesign Death, Cube Design Museum, Kerkrade (2020). They have an upcoming show at Museum Tot Zover, Amsterdam (2022-23).

Photography: Matteo Piazza

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